Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Presentation

I was delighted to be able to attend the Jefferson High School Ice Cream Social last week. It was similar to an open house, but it was presented in a fashion that I had never seen before. It was held outside on the Jefferson High football field and was presented in a manner which I have seen only at military reviews. All the separate organizations from the football teams to the band to the JROTC to the Lariats and Lassos to Jefferson's Architecture & Environmental studies magnet group marched around the field in front of the crowd of more 300+ parents, students, teachers, admin and Jefferson community members. It was truly impressive seeing not only the organization of the event, but also the participation.

After marching around the track, the students then formed into separate groups across the football field. The presentation was hosted by Greg Simmons (KSAT sportscaster and Jefferson alumni) and Mr. Ed Garza (Former SA Mayor and current SAISD Board Trustee for the Jefferson High community). Also in attendance were State Rep Joaquin Castro, City Councilman Cris Medina, SAISD Board Trustees Carlos Villarreal and Ruben Cuero and many other notable individuals.

The presentation consisted of each organization being introduced and several of the organizations performing for the crowd. (i.e. JROTC, Cheerlearders, Band, etc.) Principal Cockrell and Mr. Garza both boasted about each of the organizations and how a few of them had already began winning awards throughout the summer. I didn't expect such a showcase of talent before school had even started, but I am beginning to realize that Jefferson High School is all about exceeding expectations this year.

This week was the first week of school. I planned on visiting on the first day, but decided not to on the account that I was more so be a pest and overall would be unable to get a good perspective of what this first week is all about. So, instead of jumping in on the first day, I will be visiting the school tomorrow (Friday) in an attempt to inquire about how the first week has gone for the students and staff alike. Hopefully I will have my blog posted within the next few days.

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