Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Mission

Education - the knowledge and development resulting from an educational process.

Advocate - one that defends or maintains a cause or proposal.

The purpose of this blog is to defend and maintain an educational process which allows our students to obtain a superior quality of knowledge and development, regardless of where that student resides.

In the past I have observed, critiqued and attempted to provide solutions to a broken education system. I have confronted administrations, staff, students, community members, local government officials and local school board officials. I attempted change from the outside; from a community member's vantage point. Unfortunately, that vantage point is not so advantageous. I was rejected and pushed away as a faulty school system remained deficient in the qualities and practices that make an institution of learning a success. As a result, I have chosen to temporarily move away from the point of the 'activist' and instead claim the role of the 'apprentice'.

Throughout the 2011-2012 school year, I will be spending time in the halls of Jefferson High School, an inner-city high school on San Antonio's Northwest side. I will be shadowing the veteran administrator Joanne Cockrell as she begins her second year as Principal in a school that previously represented many of our inner-city high schools; neglected, below average and fairly contented with both qualities.

In addition to observing the administrative operations of Principal Cockrell, I will also be interacting with fellow administrators, school staff, students, parents, community members and Mr. Ed Garza, who is entering his third-year as SAISD Board Trustee for the Jefferson High School community and its subsequent feeder schools.

I look forward to the opportunity to watch an environment of adversity be taken to a level of triumph. I am excited to witness the interaction between the different components that make a great school successful. Most of all, I look forward to spreading what I learn to those who are willing to listen. I will surely apply the practices I learn throughout this school year to my own operations in the future, but to know that I have helped distribute those same principles to others is the ultimate goal of this project.

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